A few days ago, while riding my bike home from the grocery store, I got hit by a car.
The driver was driving without a license, so after briefly stopping to see if I was okay, drove off, leaving both me and his friend who'd been in the car with him behind. According to his friend, the guy didn't want to stop at all, he had to convince him.
I got really lucky...only a sprained ankle and lots of cuts and bruises, but nothing broken. Didn't hit my head, no concussion. One of the people who witnessed it was an off-duty paramedic, so he helped a lot before the police and ambulance got there.
To put some icing on the cake, turns out the guy who hit me was wanted in New Jersey for probations violations. Shit. It's like I sacrificed my body to stop crime!
I can't wait til my ankle doesn't look like a blue balloon, though.
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Camera cord.

Finally...I got a new camera cord!
Which means...way too many pictures all at once!

I think these start in August or something?Collapse )

Brief rundown of whatever I can remember:
- Seattle trip was lots of fun. Wish I'd gotten a bit more time there...but I guess I'll just have to go back sometime.
- Hanging out with Nick Lloyd, wonderful 30 year old kind-of-punk who is now working for Bullmoose. We fight about whether Oasis or Blur is better.
- Christmas was nice, much more mellow than usual. Got an external hard drive, lots of stuff for my kitchen, some clothes, some Little Prince memorabilia, etc. Saw Avatar with Nick and hated it. But I've found myself somehow in the minority on that one.
- Played cards with Conrad and Liam all night New Years Eve while "working" at Guthries. Missed midnight, spilled sparkling blood orange juice everywhere, wore a ridiculous plastic hat. Didn't get to watch any of the Twilight Zone marathon.
- Sleepovers with Tia. Finally saw I Know Who Killed Me and The Craft.
- Mark and I have started going to the movies every Tuesday night no matter if there's something we've wanted to see or not. So far, Fantastic Mr. Fox is the only one we've liked. Brothers was okay. Everything else (2012, New Moon, Invictus, Up in the Air, Sherlock Holmes...) was terrible.
- Indian buffet at Mother India on Sundays! Anyone want to go with Conrad, Mark and I?
- Our mice are getting fat. It's adorable.

And last but not least:

John Darnielle and I at the Seattle show!!!
I look like a wet dog, but I'm the happiest wet dog you'll ever meet.


I keep waiting til I get my camera cord back to post something...which is taking way longer than it needs to.

So, a brief note...Alex got Mark and I two Egyptian spiny mice for Christmas.

This is not one of them, but that's what they look like!

We've named them Hermann (Hesse) and (Gabriel Garcia) Marquez.
And we love the hell out of them.

More soon.
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I leave for Seattle at 6 AM tomorrow.
Meeting Gennifer and Izzy, seeing Zak and Jess for the first time in a year and a half, and seeing the Mountain Goats for the tenth time. I'm so fucking excited.
I'm getting away from this early snow, dammit.

See you all in a week!
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The other day at Bullmoose, I answered the phone by saying, "Bullmoose Lewiston, Nicole speaking, how may I love you?"


Saturday was my first day off in a few weeks, but of course, by Friday, I was stupidly sick. Worked almost-full shifts at both jobs anyways...guh. Saturday was the Andrew Bird show, which was alright. Probably the worst of the five times that I've seen him...not to say that it was outright bad or anything. Just not a very exciting set-list, and he was also definitely having an off night. He had so many little screw ups, and you could tell he was frustrated. It was odd, because he's usually so precise. St. Vincent was pretty great, though, despite how awkward Annie Clark is.

Yesterday was Mark's niece's birthday party...lots of children in costumes running around and yelling while I laid on the couch in a fairy outfit just trying to breathe. I was miserable.
Directly from the party we headed down to Somerville, MA, to see Clare & the Reasons and Vic Chesnutt. (Oddly, I felt better over the course of the ride.) Finally got to eat at Mr. Crepe, the place I was hoping to eat at last time we saw Mountain Goats. (Crepes with spiced pears, walnuts, arugula, and blue cheese...mmmm.) Clare was adorable...Vic Chesnutt was interesting. I didn't really know anything about him (we were going to see Clare), so I wasn't expecting the grumpy paraplegic playing guitar and yelling from his wheelchair. Despite grumpy and awkward banter, his music was pretty great, and he was rocking hard. And Guy Picciotto from Fugazi is part of his band, which was a nice treat.
Talked to Clare afterwards, who was a sweetie. Bought a t-shirt with a giant silver lamé arrow sewn on, and a flowery hair-piece, both of which she made herself. Mark got a Clare & the Reasons kazoo, which I had to teach him how to play.

Taking one more day off to recuperate...reading Don Quixote, catching up on Project Runway, and doing laundry. And drinking lots of Throat Coat tea. Yum.


Tonight is my first night of work at Guthries! I don't know what the situation is going to be exactly, but I'm hoping to eventually have a fairly even split between working there and at Bullmoose. I mean, ideally, I'd like to spend more time at Guthries, but I'm trying to be realistic. I can't even say how excited I am.

Anyway...I go in and 7 PM and Seymour is playing at 9 PM. I'll be there tomorrow at 8 PM as well. Come visit!

The search for my camera cord continues.

To elaborate.

The Cocorosie show was wonderful. Headed down with Paige, Conrad, and Cedar, and met up with Allison and Dustin. They sounded so good; it's unbelieveable that voice is real, it was so intense it seemed like a lip sync. They dressed up in goofy garb, had an amazing beat boxer...I had a great time. Afterwards, someone walked up to Conrad and said, "Aren't you the singer of To the Barricades?" Total rock star.

As for quitting my job...after that night of the outburst, I promised myself that if Rick ever yelled at me again, I was gone. I was working with just him and Jake, which is the worst combination I could think of. He spent the night talking to me as if I was a child, saying very insulting and obvious things. Then, I took a fresh pan to put dinner rolls on instead of using one of the ones we'd already baked on that night, to which he got upset, and when I tried to calmly explain why I did it, he started yelling again that he knew what he was doing and blah blah blah. I stuck out my shift, but afterwards, I told Lisa that was it. I think she wanted me to stay; she offered to let me work just Sundays with Jeremy, or to work in the front, but I'm so done. Talking with her afterwards made me feel pretty justified because she told me she'd asked Jake what happened, and according to her explanation, Jake spun the whole thing to make me look like the bad guy. My only disappointments lie in that I didn't get to work with Jeremy on my last night, and that I didn't really get to say goodbye to Nel or Randy. I gave Choouen a hug goodbye and told her that I'd come visit, but being a bit frazzled from the combination of the night and the fact that I'd never actually straight up quit a job before, I made myself walk away quickly so I wouldn't start really crying.
Now, I'm feeling fucking elated.

I'm going to work some more hours at Bullmoose til things get figured out with Guthrie's. It's not the best solution, but it's what I've got and it's better than nothing. Things there are going much better than before anyways, now that I feel much more detached, not emotionally invested. I'll finally have some time for myself, I'll finally be able to go out at night and stay up later than 8 PM...I'm getting my life back, dammit.

Not only did I buy Pixies tickets, but I also ordered these today:

I really don't like Van's slip ons much, but, come on. Too good to pass up.

I can't wait til I find my camera cord so I can post all kinds of pictures.