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Ouch. [22 Aug 2010|11:11pm]
[ mood | okay ]

A few days ago, while riding my bike home from the grocery store, I got hit by a car.
The driver was driving without a license, so after briefly stopping to see if I was okay, drove off, leaving both me and his friend who'd been in the car with him behind. According to his friend, the guy didn't want to stop at all, he had to convince him.
I got really lucky...only a sprained ankle and lots of cuts and bruises, but nothing broken. Didn't hit my head, no concussion. One of the people who witnessed it was an off-duty paramedic, so he helped a lot before the police and ambulance got there.
To put some icing on the cake, turns out the guy who hit me was wanted in New Jersey for probations violations. Shit. It's like I sacrificed my body to stop crime!
I can't wait til my ankle doesn't look like a blue balloon, though.

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Vermont [15 May 2010|10:00am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I'm in Burlington, Vermont...and I'm having lots of crazy flashbacks. Whew.


Rollerskates! [03 Mar 2010|06:16pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Fuck yeah!
My legs looked goooooood.


Camera cord. [10 Jan 2010|08:33pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Finally...I got a new camera cord!
Which means...way too many pictures all at once!

I think these start in August or something?Collapse )

Brief rundown of whatever I can remember:
- Seattle trip was lots of fun. Wish I'd gotten a bit more time there...but I guess I'll just have to go back sometime.
- Hanging out with Nick Lloyd, wonderful 30 year old kind-of-punk who is now working for Bullmoose. We fight about whether Oasis or Blur is better.
- Christmas was nice, much more mellow than usual. Got an external hard drive, lots of stuff for my kitchen, some clothes, some Little Prince memorabilia, etc. Saw Avatar with Nick and hated it. But I've found myself somehow in the minority on that one.
- Played cards with Conrad and Liam all night New Years Eve while "working" at Guthries. Missed midnight, spilled sparkling blood orange juice everywhere, wore a ridiculous plastic hat. Didn't get to watch any of the Twilight Zone marathon.
- Sleepovers with Tia. Finally saw I Know Who Killed Me and The Craft.
- Mark and I have started going to the movies every Tuesday night no matter if there's something we've wanted to see or not. So far, Fantastic Mr. Fox is the only one we've liked. Brothers was okay. Everything else (2012, New Moon, Invictus, Up in the Air, Sherlock Holmes...) was terrible.
- Indian buffet at Mother India on Sundays! Anyone want to go with Conrad, Mark and I?
- Our mice are getting fat. It's adorable.

And last but not least:

John Darnielle and I at the Seattle show!!!
I look like a wet dog, but I'm the happiest wet dog you'll ever meet.

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Waiting [20 Dec 2009|03:50pm]
[ mood | good ]

I keep waiting til I get my camera cord back to post something...which is taking way longer than it needs to.

So, a brief note...Alex got Mark and I two Egyptian spiny mice for Christmas.

This is not one of them, but that's what they look like!

We've named them Hermann (Hesse) and (Gabriel Garcia) Marquez.
And we love the hell out of them.

More soon.

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Seattle [05 Nov 2009|06:26pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I leave for Seattle at 6 AM tomorrow.
Meeting Gennifer and Izzy, seeing Zak and Jess for the first time in a year and a half, and seeing the Mountain Goats for the tenth time. I'm so fucking excited.
I'm getting away from this early snow, dammit.

See you all in a week!

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Woops. [26 Oct 2009|01:11pm]
[ mood | sick ]

The other day at Bullmoose, I answered the phone by saying, "Bullmoose Lewiston, Nicole speaking, how may I love you?"


Saturday was my first day off in a few weeks, but of course, by Friday, I was stupidly sick. Worked almost-full shifts at both jobs anyways...guh. Saturday was the Andrew Bird show, which was alright. Probably the worst of the five times that I've seen him...not to say that it was outright bad or anything. Just not a very exciting set-list, and he was also definitely having an off night. He had so many little screw ups, and you could tell he was frustrated. It was odd, because he's usually so precise. St. Vincent was pretty great, though, despite how awkward Annie Clark is.

Yesterday was Mark's niece's birthday party...lots of children in costumes running around and yelling while I laid on the couch in a fairy outfit just trying to breathe. I was miserable.
Directly from the party we headed down to Somerville, MA, to see Clare & the Reasons and Vic Chesnutt. (Oddly, I felt better over the course of the ride.) Finally got to eat at Mr. Crepe, the place I was hoping to eat at last time we saw Mountain Goats. (Crepes with spiced pears, walnuts, arugula, and blue cheese...mmmm.) Clare was adorable...Vic Chesnutt was interesting. I didn't really know anything about him (we were going to see Clare), so I wasn't expecting the grumpy paraplegic playing guitar and yelling from his wheelchair. Despite grumpy and awkward banter, his music was pretty great, and he was rocking hard. And Guy Picciotto from Fugazi is part of his band, which was a nice treat.
Talked to Clare afterwards, who was a sweetie. Bought a t-shirt with a giant silver lamé arrow sewn on, and a flowery hair-piece, both of which she made herself. Mark got a Clare & the Reasons kazoo, which I had to teach him how to play.

Taking one more day off to recuperate...reading Don Quixote, catching up on Project Runway, and doing laundry. And drinking lots of Throat Coat tea. Yum.

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HALLOWEEN DP 2.0! [14 Oct 2009|07:38pm]
[ mood | good ]


Guthries is going really well, I'm off to see Dodos tomorrow, my Seattle trip is sneaking up...exciting things!

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Guthries. [25 Sep 2009|05:20pm]
[ mood | good ]

Tonight is my first night of work at Guthries! I don't know what the situation is going to be exactly, but I'm hoping to eventually have a fairly even split between working there and at Bullmoose. I mean, ideally, I'd like to spend more time at Guthries, but I'm trying to be realistic. I can't even say how excited I am.

Anyway...I go in and 7 PM and Seymour is playing at 9 PM. I'll be there tomorrow at 8 PM as well. Come visit!

The search for my camera cord continues.

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To elaborate. [13 Sep 2009|01:29pm]
[ mood | good ]

The Cocorosie show was wonderful. Headed down with Paige, Conrad, and Cedar, and met up with Allison and Dustin. They sounded so good; it's unbelieveable that voice is real, it was so intense it seemed like a lip sync. They dressed up in goofy garb, had an amazing beat boxer...I had a great time. Afterwards, someone walked up to Conrad and said, "Aren't you the singer of To the Barricades?" Total rock star.

As for quitting my job...after that night of the outburst, I promised myself that if Rick ever yelled at me again, I was gone. I was working with just him and Jake, which is the worst combination I could think of. He spent the night talking to me as if I was a child, saying very insulting and obvious things. Then, I took a fresh pan to put dinner rolls on instead of using one of the ones we'd already baked on that night, to which he got upset, and when I tried to calmly explain why I did it, he started yelling again that he knew what he was doing and blah blah blah. I stuck out my shift, but afterwards, I told Lisa that was it. I think she wanted me to stay; she offered to let me work just Sundays with Jeremy, or to work in the front, but I'm so done. Talking with her afterwards made me feel pretty justified because she told me she'd asked Jake what happened, and according to her explanation, Jake spun the whole thing to make me look like the bad guy. My only disappointments lie in that I didn't get to work with Jeremy on my last night, and that I didn't really get to say goodbye to Nel or Randy. I gave Choouen a hug goodbye and told her that I'd come visit, but being a bit frazzled from the combination of the night and the fact that I'd never actually straight up quit a job before, I made myself walk away quickly so I wouldn't start really crying.
Now, I'm feeling fucking elated.

I'm going to work some more hours at Bullmoose til things get figured out with Guthrie's. It's not the best solution, but it's what I've got and it's better than nothing. Things there are going much better than before anyways, now that I feel much more detached, not emotionally invested. I'll finally have some time for myself, I'll finally be able to go out at night and stay up later than 8 PM...I'm getting my life back, dammit.

Not only did I buy Pixies tickets, but I also ordered these today:

I really don't like Van's slip ons much, but, come on. Too good to pass up.

I can't wait til I find my camera cord so I can post all kinds of pictures.

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Good things. [12 Sep 2009|11:10am]
[ mood | excited ]

I saw Cocorosie.
I just bought Pixies tickets.
And I quit my job today.

More on these fabulous things later.

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Uhh... [03 Sep 2009|07:12pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Let's put some icing on the cake.

I got a call from Rick's sister/my boss, Lisa, saying that she talked to Rick, but that she wants to figure out where his anger is coming from. As if anything I could do or say short of physically assaulting him could justify his behavior towards me. She also said that she talked with my other co-workers Jon and Jake (her brother and her son), who said that they think I don't know what's most important to get done because they have to tell me what to do a lot and they don't feel like they have the authority. This is bullshit because all they ever do is boss me around.

I could say so many more things about how fucked all this is. I'm just fighting a losing battle against a family that will only side with each other.

Rick is working tonight, even though he wasn't supposed to. I'm starting to get prepared to take action if shit goes down again.

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Jesus. [01 Sep 2009|04:48pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Last night at the bakery, Rick had a few totally out of nowhere and unnecessary outbursts of anger. The first one was directed at Jeremy because he didn't make a donut glaze the way he wanted him to. Said things like, "Who the fuck are you, just coming in here and doing whatever you want?", "I can't believe the fucking idiots I have to work with", and "No wonder you didn't make it at Tim Hortons" (Jeremy used to own one).

Later on, when he asked me to pack rolls, I did some and then came to a rack of them that felt too warm to pack, so I started to do something else. He ended up saying, "Pack the rolls, stupid bitch!", throwing a pack of rolls at the table next to me, hitting a rack and almost knocking it over, and saying a few other such angry remarks.

He's been an asshole before, but this was something else.

I talked with Randy at Guthries, who says he wants to hire me really soon. Let's hope he means that.

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Ketchup, always. [19 Aug 2009|09:34am]
[ mood | tired ]

Older pictures, newer pictures, sweet dragons.Collapse )

Let's try to remember things that have happened recently...

Went to Boston with Paige and Tia to see Emiliana Torrini, but about ten-twenty minutes before doors were supposed to open, they post-poned due to illness. Guhhhh. We ended up going shopping a bit before heading home. And I just got an email today letting me know that the show is no longer post-poned, but totally cancelled. Guhhhh. I'm never going to see that elusive Icelandic babe.

Had a little get-together for Shane's going-away, as he moved to Pittsburgh a few days ago. Got some ice cream and played some Apples to Apples, which was nice. Wish we could've spent a bit more time together, though. I love you, Shane.

Finished reading Gone With the Wind. It ruled.

Went to Big G's with Ben, Rob, Nikki, Nick, Sarah, and a few others yesterday. I wish I'd been less tired, but I did get the Zorro...rye bread, avocado, mozzarella, salsa, sprouts, etc. Mmmm.

America's Best Dance Crew started, but I've only been able to watch bits and pieces of the first two episodes. From what I have seen, I'm not totally excited yet, but the crews tend to get better as time goes on anyways.

Got this in Boston. Adorable.

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Bifdas. [04 Aug 2009|02:23pm]
[ mood | good ]

Busy days as always.

Had me and Paige's sister birthday party on Saturday, which was a lot of fun. I was kind of bummed about it because most people who said they'd go ended up skipping out...but as the day went on, I just had fun and felt thankful for my super reliable friends. Started out at the beach with Mark, Paige, and Alicia, where us ladies jumped about in the waves and Mark took a nap. Met up with Conrad, Melissa, Tia, Eric, and Gilman at Funtown later and had a blast in all its sad, busted glory. The night ended with Conrad giving me my gift: two large wall hangings/bandanas/whatever, one with a skull and lightning and one with a giant angry tiger head. Yes.

Went out to Mitch's camp the next night and spent a little time with the few remaining guests. Got to see Bri a bit, eat s'mores, and get my clothes all good and campfire smelling.

Yesterday was Paige's birthday and the Cursive show, and she, Cedar, Max, Cutler and I headed down to Boston to celebrate. The fun got cut off when we arrived in Boston and Paige realized her wallet was gone. She figured out that she left it on the roof of her car at a gas station and then drove off. We drove all the way back to the gas station at the beginning of Massachusetts, but had no luck finding it. We were able to salvage some of the day by getting some food and going shopping, but it was really rough. She also wasn't able to go to Cursive because they wont let you into the Middle East without ID. Hopefully what little money I was able to give her helped her out/cheered her up a bit.

Max, Cutler and I still went to Cursive, and Allison and Dustin Watson took our leftover tickets. The show was crazy...the two opening bands didn't interest me much, but Cursive was wonderful. It got rowdier in there than I think I've ever seen it. Noone was really outright violent or anything, but there was a lot of pushing, and I spent most of the show propping myself up against the speakers, being smashed up against the stage. I could also feel sweat literally pouring down me the whole time. But, it was all worth it. The set list was split up really well between their albums (although nothing earlier than Domestica). It was their bassists birthday, and they celebrated by putting him on a stool in the middle of the stage and having a man in a devil mask and red thong give him a lap dance. Towards the end, Tim took off his shirt, and I saw for the first time that he also has a Little Prince tattoo! Adorable!

Allison gave Paige and I birthday gifts after the show; I got some Strawberry Milk Bubblebath (that comes in a little milk carton) and cupcake soap. It was so sweet of her and Dustin to do that.

Today is Mark and I's one year anniversary, so we'll be going out to Brunswick to get some Frontier's and gelato. Yum!

The power cable for my computer broke, so I wont have my own pictures til I get a new one...but I can post these Polaroid scans that Paige took for now:

Trashy birthday party yeah!Collapse )

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Haha. [28 Jul 2009|02:40pm]
[ mood | silly ]

My mom got me six different kinds of baking pans and a large bottle of tiramisu liquer for my birthday. I think she and Denis encourage me to drink more than anyone I've ever met. And I'll probably use it for baking...in one of my many new cake pans.

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Catching up. [28 Jul 2009|10:38am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

I've been so busy lately, but even though I'm really exhausted, I'm enjoying myself. A nice break from all the reading I was doing...though I do wish I had at least a little more time for a book.

All kinds of stuff.Collapse )

I'm going to recap as briefly as I can:
-Bowerbirds was awesome. Megafaun, the opener, was the most exciting surprise opening act I've seen since the first time I saw Bowerbirds, when they opened for Mountain Goats.
-Yeasayer was alright, but I didn't have as much fun because they seemed like they weren't having much fun. But, they did sound great, and I got to see Cora.
-Wilco was so much fun. Conor Oberst freaks me out. Got to see Sean, dance, sing.
-Drove 9 hours through the night for Mark's sister's wedding. Weddings also freak me out. The reception was pretty fun, and we danced hard despite our extreme lack of sleep.
-Started work at Bullmoose again. Hopefully it goes okay. I'm going to be pretty exhausted, though, with all the work and switching between night and day again.
-Been going to Guthrie's a lot more, and that's been really nice.

On a slightly more long-winded note...
Had a pretty good 21st birthday. Went to the beach, despite it being kind of cold and wet. The water was actually pretty warm because of that. Really glad I got to spend some time with Alicia...really glad that Paige got me the two newest box sets of Mystery Science Theater 3000.
Napped for a bit when we got home, as I'd worked about 2 1/2 shifts without sleeping before going out. Mark took me out for Thai (the cute waitress told me I looked really pretty, which made my day) and Cold Stone, and then we drove out to Brownfield for the Punch Brothers show. This place was in the middle of nowhere...we passed through a few secluded yuppie towns and past all these really nice old farmhouses to get there. The directions led us to a long dirt road that seemed like it would never end us up at a concert venue, but low and behold, there it was. Stone Mountain Arts Center; it does really pricey folk-ish shows and serves really expensive dinner to go with it, and it was beautiful there. We didn't eat there, but I bet the food was amazing. Punch Brothers were incredible; I felt absolutely elated the whole show. They did a few from the album, some traditional, some new songs, some covers...including a cover of "2+2=5". So nice.

And I met Chris Thile afterwards!

He wrote me a little happy birthday note on a postcard and was very sweet. A wonderful way to end the night.
I got phone calls from Rob and Shane/Josh that I really appreciated, as well as a nice voicemail from Zak. And Mark got me the debut albums from Devo and the B-52's, and some pink paper plates with funny kittens on them. Hopefully a picture of those will follow soon.

Today, I'm spending the day watching bad reality tv and reading Gone With the Wind to take a break from all this hoo-ha.

Bummer: Neko Case sold out right before I was going to buy tickets.
Awesome: Pixies finally announced tour dates.

All caught up!

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[21 Jul 2009|01:25pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

We had a ridiculous week, which included a Bowerbirds show in Cambridge on Sunday, a Yeasayer show in Northampton on Tuesday, a Wilco/Conor Oberst show on Friday in Portland, a 9 hour drive immediately after that show to upstate New York, Mark's sister's wedding, a 10 hour drive back the next day, and work on the days between.
I'll have pictures of this stuff as soon as I can get to Bang-a-rang to use my computer.

I started working part time at Bullmoose again, so I can actually afford some things. It's only 2 days a week, so I'm hoping not to get wrapped up in bullshit again.

Just listened to the new Our Lady Peace single, and though it isn't great, it doesn't sound nearly as bad as that Healthy in Paranoid Times shit. I still love them so much.

Mitch scheduled the camp party on the same day that Paige and I scheduled our Funtown birthday party months ago, and I'm pretty bummed about that. I can hopefully do both, but, we'll see. Work schedules are a lot to handle right now.

Trying to figure out all the concerts I want to see is ridiculous. As of now:
July 26 - Punch Brothers
August 3 - Cursive (the only one that's definite at this point)
August 4 - Neko Case
August 15 - Emiliana Torrini
August 18 - Our Lady Peace
August 22 - Mew
August 30 - The Flaming Lips
September 5 - Cocorosie
September 17 & 18 - John Vanderslice
September 28 - The Ditty Bops
October 1 - Rufus Wainwright
October 15 - The Dodos
October 25 - Andrew Bird

Seattle trip is seeming more and more out of reach, but I'm determined to make it work, even if I have to postpone it for awhile.

Too much.

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Sort of camping. [06 Jul 2009|02:46pm]
[ mood | okay ]

This weekend, Mark and I went up to Rangeley to stay at my uncle's camp.

It was mostly awesome.Collapse )

Camping was mostly fun. On the first night we were there, my uncle and I got in a sort of argument because he told Mark and I that we weren't allowed to sleep together. As in, not even in the same room. It was a pretty mild "argument", if you can even call it that, but I apparently made him very upset. They said they didn't want to give their 8 year old son "the wrong idea"...yet everyone drank in front of him and there's tons of dead animals on the wall. Uhhh...
But, we roasted marshmallows, I went swimming in freezing water, I got one of my favorite kinds of ice cream that I only get to get once every few years, we had a fun canoe trip...the fireworks got canceled because of the weather, but that wasn't a huge deal to me. I just wish it had been sunnier, and I wish we could go up there to spend time when my uncle and aunt weren't around. It's such a gorgeous camp.

My cousin Beth's boyfriend told me that according to the Farmer's Almanac, there's supposed to be 20something days of rain in July. Summer, where you at?

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Vanderslice/Callahan [17 Jun 2009|01:23pm]
[ mood | good ]

Returned yesterday from a few really great days in Boston. The whole thing was a bit of a whirlwind. I:
- Slept about 2 hours
- Worked 1 AM to 6:30ish AM
- Showered and got my things ready
- Rode the bus to Boston
- Met up with Spencer, who I met at a Mountain Goats show about a year and a half ago
- Walked to his place and watched The Fly
- Walked to Harvard Square, ran into a freaky religious parade, and ate pizza
- Walked to the Middle East and hung out in the area til the doors opened

- The Vanderslice show was wonderful. I met a girl named Sarah who was at the Darnielle/Vanderslice show in Northampton Mark and I were at, and who was a total sweetheart. She and I went over to talk to John when he finally appeared at the merch table, and he remembered both of us. Still one of the nicest people I've ever met. We talked about our travel excursions, my job ("Honey, you've gotta get out of there. Don't just try, do it. It's not worth it to feel degraded all the time."), vegan treats, internet trends, etc. He hugged us a lot and told us he really wanted us to be in the front.
The Tallest Man on Earth, the opener, was wonderful. Little Swedish man with a funny mustache who had an incredible stage presence. The Vanderslice set was awesome as well; had a really great time dancing around.
Afterwards, we talked to him again, and he immediately put his arms around Sarah and I, turned to someone and said, "These are cool people. They were right out front the whole time, and they made the show great." Which launched into a conversation about how rude people can throw off shows but a good crowd can make a show amazing. I ended up with a pink Vanderslice pillow case with a kitty and a mouse on it.

- Walked Sarah to the T, then met up with Keith and said goodbye to Spencer, who I had a really great time with
- Went to Keith's and ate stir fry
- Went to bed, woke up to his roommate's cat, Decaf, snuggling between us
- Made tofu scramble and tea
- Walked around, then drew pictures of creatures til we met up with Mark
- Got Bubble tea and used books and sandwiches
- Said goodbye to Keith (who I need to visit when I'm not going to a show)and went over to the Bill Callahan show

- The show was in this little movie theater, really small and intimate. The opening band, Lights, was kind of obnoxious, but had sort of potential. Bill Callahan was wonderful; it's surreal to see someone with such a distinct voice actually sing. The crowd was really awkward though. One guy told Bill to hurry up while he was tuning, and that he wanted his 20 dollars worth. Errrrgh. It made me so uncomfortable. Saw Aaron Lovely afterwards, who was so happy with the show.

- Got hopelessly lost on the way home and drove the same 4 roads for an hour or so til finally I called Spencer, who gave us perfect directions home. Thank you, Spencer.
- Didn't get home til 3:15 AM, so Mark took the next day off, so we hung out and read and relaxed all day.

Some pictures of things.Collapse )

All in all, I had a great time. A great time with Spencer, a great time with Keith, a great time with Mark, a great time with Sarah, a great time with John Vanderslice. Days like this remind me why I spend all my money on this stuff; it's so worth it.

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